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Piwik PRO

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Piwik PRO is a web analytics and marketing platform that helps businesses track website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates. It offers advanced analytics features, audience segmentation, and targeted marketing tools. Piwik PRO prioritizes data privacy and security, complying with GDPR and other data protection regulations. Businesses can use Piwik PRO to improve their website's user experience and drive conversions while keeping customer data safe.


Start by setting up the config for the destination. Destinations can be used via node or directly in the browser.

const config = {
custom: {
appId: 'XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX', // Id of the site
// linkTracking: false, // Disable download and outlink tracking
// pageview: false, // Disable default pageview events
url: '', // Same address as the login
mapping: {
entity: {
action: {
custom: {
// CustomEventConfig
goalId: 'xxx-xxx-...', // Count the event as a goal
goalValue: '', // Property to be used as goal value
name: '', // Renaming the event
value: '', // Property to be used for the value


appId*stringID of the Piwik PRO site
url*stringThe URL of your Piwik PRO account
linkTrackingbooleanEnables/Disables download and outlink tracking
pageviewbooleanEnables/Disables default pageview events

Properties with a * are required.


For custom event mapping (mapping.entity.action.custom):

goalIdstringID to count the event as a goal
goalValuestringProperty to be used as the goal value
namestringCustom name for the event
valuestringProperty to be used for the event value

How to use

Define the config for your Piwik PRO destination:

const config = {
custom: {
url: '',

Choose one of the following installation options to use the destination:

Install the destination via npm

npm i @elbwalker/destination-web-piwikpro
import { elb } from '@elbwalker/walker.js';
import destinationPiwikPro from '@elbwalker/destination-web-piwikpro';

elb('walker destination', destinationPiwikPro, config);