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Set up analytics on websites fast and reliably

walker.js is an open-source library that can be used to speed up the implementation of any analytics tool.

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Capture an event without leaving your HTML

Capture every front-end user event without writing a single line of javascript. A structured event will be created and pushed in the dataLayer for you. No property or custom dimensions limits.

“With walker.js we set up a custom event tracking for our coaching website 10x faster than before. It was simply adding a few attributes to our HTML.”

Vincent Oswald, Founder & Product Designer

Get your fully enriched event

Once collected, customize your payload according to your needs. Make privacy configurations and send the data where you need it.

  "event": "product add", // combination of entity and action
  "data": {
    // all set properties with the data-elb-product attribute
    "name": "Everyday Ruck Snack",
    "price": 220
  "globals": {
    // all set properties with the data-elbglobals attribute
    // Not shown in example usage snippet (data-elbglobals="language:en;test:darkmode")
    "language": "en",
    "test": "darkmode"
  "user": {
    // a stored random id in the cookie (manually added once)
    "device": "cookieid"
  "nested": [], // all nested entities within the product
  "id": "1647968113641-01b5e2-5", // timestamp, group & count of the event
  "trigger": "click", // name of the trigger that fired
  "entity": "product", // entity name
  "action": "add", // entity action
  "timestamp": 1647968113641, // time when the event fired
  "timing": 13.37, // how long it took from the page load to trigger the event
  "group": "01b5e2", // random group id for all events on a page
  "count": 2, // incremental counter of the events on a page
  "version": {
    // Helpful when working with raw data
    "walker": 1.3, // used walker.js version
    "config": 42 // a custom configuration version number
  "walker": true // flag to filter events

Send it where you need it in real-time

Incoming events can be streamed directly into your own Google BigQuery instance or to your analytics tool. With elbwalker you can build a custom tracking pipeline in minutes instead of weeks.

“With elbwalker we were able to implement our own privacy-friendly event pipeline with only limited tech ressources.”

Matthias Richter, Head of Business Intelligence

Stay compliant with European privacy regulations

We're constantly developing our infrastructure to always comply with current regulations.

Consideration of user consent

Define which data should be processed depending on the consent state.

Cookieless tracking

Use anonymous & temporary user hashes for session building without cookies.

EU server location

We process data exclusively in Frankfurt on AWS with failsafe processes and automated tests.

Exclusion parameters

Prevent that personal data leaks into your warehouse by masking e.g. email adresses in the URL.

Configuration of data processing

Choose to respect doNotTrack or other settings to be as compliant as possible.

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