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Open-source data collection platform for product analytics

elbwalker is the better way to measure user behavior: faster implementation, more data and full control for data engineers.

Data-Driven companies that measure with elbwalker

Measure front-end events without ever leaving your HTML

Measure every user event on a website without writing a single line of javascript. A structured event will be created and pushed in the dataLayer for you. No property or custom dimensions limits.

“With elbwalker we set up a fully customized event tracking for our coaching website 10x faster than with common javascript tracking code. It was simply adding a few attributes to our HTML.”

Vincent Oswald, Founder & Product Designer

Track server-side events to improve data quality via HTTP requests

Send data from your backend directly into our event pipeline. With server side events you can bypass tracking prevention of browsers like Firefox and Brave (ITP/ETP) or different ad blockers for anonymous data.

curl '' \ -H 'User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7 AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/98.0.4758 Safari/537' \ --data-raw '{"projectId":"W3BSH0P","entity":"product","action":"add", "trigger":"click","data":"{"name":"Everyday Ruck Snack","size":"20L", "price":"220","rating":"4.9"},"timing":3.14}'\ --compressed

Send events to your own data warehouse and analytics in real-time

Incoming events will be streamed directly into your own Google BigQuery instance or to your analytics tool. With elbwalker you can build a custom tracking pipeline in minutes instead of weeks.

“With elbwalker we were able to fully build up our own privacy-friendly marketing data warehouse in almost no time with only limited tech ressources.”

Matthias Richter, Head of Business Intelligence

Get access to all the information you're used to with our enrichment options

elbwalker creates anonymous user hashes and supports device or user ids based on the user's consent state. We automatically resolve the user's geo-location and parse the user agent to filter out bots and understand the device type. And of course we extract all common marketing parameters for you.

{ "id": "affifa85-77ea-447b-87ee-C080cac3437d", "projectId": "W3BSHOP", "timestamp": 1644256029209, "user": { "device": "n3dzwytu38hzaemi1786pa", "hash": "203b381cfc058b7e98e84d721899fb7e1f68b1c5014bb98c0" }, "consent": "granted", "event": { "entity": "product", "action": "add", "trigger": "click", "timing": 3.14 }, "entity": { "isNew": true, "data": { "name": "Everyday Ruck Snack", "size": "20L", "price": "220", "rating": 4.9 } }, "meta": { "doNotTrack": false, "userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) Applewebkit/537.36" }, "session": { "location": { "country": "DE", "city": "Hamburg" }, "expires": 1644342432, "isNew": true, "marketing": { "campaign": "snack_sale", "medium": "email", "source": "newsletter" }, "os": { "name": "Mac OS", "version": "10.5.7" }, "device": "desktop", "isBot": false, "language": "en" } }

Stay compliant with European privacy regulations

We're constantly developing our infrastructure to always comply with current privacy regulations.

Consideration of user consent

Define which data should be processed depending on the consent state.

Cookieless tracking

Use anonymous & temporary user hashes for session building without cookies.

EU server location

We process data exclusively in Frankfurt on AWS with failsafe processes and automated tests.

German company

We're a German cooperation based in beautiful Hamburg.

Exclusion parameters

Prevent that personal data leaks into your warehouse by masking e.g. email adresses in the URL.

Configuration of data processing

Choose to respect doNotTrack or other settings to be as compliant as possible.

Data processor only

We don't own the right over your data. We're only processing it on your behalf.

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