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The Data Delivery Platform for all your web & app events

elbwalker is a flexible and privacy-friendly analytics service that provides high-quality behavioral data to digital marketing and product teams in real time.

Helping data teams of all sizes & industries ...

At least one of these problems sounds familiar to you?

  • We spend too much time implementing and fixing our tracking
  • We don't trust our web analytics data
  • All our tools show different numbers that contradict themselves
  • We want to gain more insights from Google Analytics
  • We don't have enough dev resources for tracking topics
  • We don't have access to raw event data for deeper analyses

Your solution for a reliable behavioral data foundation

elbwalker provides everything that is required for future-proof event data collection. Operate independently from developers and third-party tools.

With elbwalker you can capture website events without code.

Collect all your events without code

Implement one code snippet and mark what you want to measure directly through your HTML. No programming skills required.
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One implementation for all your (future) tools

We take care of the event mapping so you can activate destinations with just a few clicks. Save valuable time with elbwalker and ensure data integrity across all tools.
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With elbwalker you only need one tracking setup for all your (future) tools.
elbwalker enables you to take the full ownership over your event data.

Take full ownership over your event data

We stream event data directly into your own data warehouse for more in-depth analysis and flexible further processing.
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Purefood uses elbwalker as a source of truth for their event tracking.

"elbwalker is the source of truth for our event tracking and an essential part of our MarTech stack. It is important for us to have the full control over our user behavior data while keeping the implementation and maintaining of our tracking as easy as possible."

Matthias Richter, Head of BI @ Purefood, uses elbwalker as a source of truth for website tracking.
Matthias Richter
Head of BI, Purefood

No limitations. Just event volume.

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Why elbwalker?

Keep your favorite marketing & analytics tools. We make sure that you don't need to worry about maintaining multiple tracking SDKs but feeding them all with consistent event data and only one implementation.

Advanced event tracking made easy
With elbwalker you can go beyond simply tracking CSS selectors but measure unlimited properties per event without writing a single line of tracking code.
Delivering unopinionated data
We don't operate in the AdTech world and force you to adopt our attribution rules or taxonomy like packaged tools do. With elbwalker you'll get a source of truth of your event data.
Compliance made in Germany
We don't store your data by default. If you use our managed service, we exclusively host your data in Europe. Data will be collected anonymous and without the use of cookies by default.

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