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walkerOS clients work as an implementation layer for the data creation and state management of your infrastructure. Whether you're working on a server-side application with Node.js or a client-side web application (with more to come...).

Client types

Select the client that best fits your application's needs:

  • walker.js (web): Designed for client-side web applications, SPAs, and websites.
  • node (server): Perfect for server-side applications, microservices, and serverless functions.


All Clients

  • Data creation: Streamline the creation and formatting of events.
  • State management: Keep user and session states consistent across events.
  • Consent handling: Robustly manage user consent for privacy compliance.
  • Dynamic destinations: Easily add destinations and map data.

Walker.js Web Client Features

  • Client-Side Tracking: Capture detailed user interactions in the browser.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Gain instant insights into user behaviors.
  • Race conditions: Automatically handle the order and status of events.
  • In-built triggers: Optimized trigger initialization.
  • Tagging method: Simplify event tagging using HTML attributes.

Node Client Features

  • Server-Side Tracking: Track server-side events.
  • Batch Processing: Efficiently manage large data volumes.
  • Data Validation: Ensure only valid, high-quality data is processed.
  • Data Redaction: Maintain user privacy by removing sensitive data.
  • Data Enrichment: Add context to data before sending it to destinations.

Getting Started

To begin with, select your preferred client type and follow our detailed documentation for setup and integration. Each client is designed for easy implementation, ensuring a smooth integration into your projects.