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Every business is individual, and so are their data needs. Data foundations grow and adapt to those needs over time. Evolving requirements often result in tremendous communication and implementation effort, (accidental) user privacy violations, and a growing dependence on a single analytics provider.

Designed as a unified and privacy-centric data collection platform, walkerOS creates the single source of truth for data teams.

It seamlessly integrates with various tools for analysis and marketing, bringing together various roles like Data Engineers, Analysts, Product Owners, Growth Marketers, and Developers with their individual needs.

Key features include data quality enforcement, built-in consent management, data redaction capabilities, first-party data collection, and support for server-side and client-side event tracking.

It's tailored for enterprises, agencies, freelancers, and anyone involved in data-driven decision-making. Its flexibility allows quick results without disrupting existing setups.

Why walkerOS?

  • Reliability: A dependable infrastructure for continuous data collection, even amidst evolving data landscapes.
  • Privacy Focus: Emphasizing user privacy, with a strict privacy-by-design approach, in-build consent management and various data protection features.
  • Complete Data Ownership: Gain full control with your first-party data, avoid vendor lock-in and control data processing.
  • Flexible Architecture: Adapt walkerOS to your specific data needs with the modular design and grow step-by-step.
  • Simplified Data Model: The intuitive event model streamlines data collection, making analytics straightforward and efficient.

How walkerOS operates

walkerOS functions through a streamlined framework with one standardized Event model. Components are designed to always be extensible for a steadily growing data journey.

  • Clients: Collecting events, state management and complete control of data collection.
  • Destinations: Activating data by initializing, mapping and finally sharing events to third-party tools.
  • Stacks: Server-side processing for data validation, enrichment and redaction.
  • Utils: Supporting helper function to standardize and improve data collection.

Get started with walkerOS step-by-step to enable the full potential of your data.

Complete infrastructure

A complete event journey is something that grows steadily. It's not created by one large project. Step-by-step, the infrastructure evolves, additional events get triggered, new destinations are added, and configurations are updated.

Server-side setups

  • d: Events can be sent to a Stacks (public) endpoint from various sources.
  • e: Within Stacks, events are processed using the Node Client, validating and enhancing them before forwarding.
  • f: Similar to client-side operations, consent gets verified, a  destination eventually initialized, and event preparation are processed server-side.
  • g: Events are formatted correctly and sent to tools from the server.