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The walker.js API destination allows you to send events to a custom API endpoint using the walker.js library. This can be useful when you want to send data to a backend system for further processing or any external service.


Start by setting up the config for the destination. Destinations can be used via node or directly in the browser.

const config = {
custom: {
url: '',
transform: (event, config, mapping) => {
return JSON.stringify(event);
transport: 'fetch',


url*stringThe URL to send the events to.
transformfunctionA function to transform the events before sending them to the URL.
transportfetch (default),
The transport method to use when sending events.

Properties with a * are required.

How to use

First, define the config that you want to use for the destination:

const config = {
custom: {
url: '',

Choose one of the following installation options to use the destination:

Install the destination via npm

npm i @elbwalker/destination-web-api
import { elb } from '@elbwalker/walker.js';
import destinationAPI from '@elbwalker/destination-web-api';

elb('walker destination', destinationAPI, config);