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Plausible Analytics

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Plausible Analytics is a simple, and privacy-friendly Google Analytics Alternative.


Start by setting up the config for the destination. Destinations can be used via node or directly in the browser.

const config = {
custom: {
domain: '', // Optional, domain of your site as registered


domainstringThe domain of your site as registered in Plausible

How to use

Define the configuration for your Plausible Analytics destination:

const config = {
custom: {
domain: '',

Choose one of the following installation options to use the destination:

Install the destination via npm

npm i @elbwalker/destination-web-plausible
import { elb } from '@elbwalker/walker.js';
import destinationPlausible from '@elbwalker/destination-web-plausible';

elb('walker destination', destinationPlausible, config);