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Some handy ideas on how to test the setup easily. Start by just looking at the instance by typing walkerjs in the console (or the name used during init). This will show the current state, including allowed if the walker.js has been started using the run command, the config object, destinations, queue for all events during the current run, and many more.

Console destination

Add a custom destination where push points to console.log to list all events in the console:

elb('walker destination', { push: console.log });

Test the tagging

Use the getAllEvents method to get all events that have been tagged:


This will log/return an array of all events, including entity, action, trigger, data, context, and nested.

To get the globals use



Usually, events get pushed to the window.elbLayer. You can take a look at the elbLayer in the console to see events. However, some events might skip the elbLayer.