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How smygge speeds up their tracking implementation with walker.js

· 3 min read
Co-founder of elbwalker

Smygge was looking for a solution that unifies and simplifies measurement while having limited tech resources for tracking topics.


symgge is a brand of Jean&Len GmbH that was founded in 2013 by Leonard Diepenbrock. Their cosmetic products are available in over 5,000 branches of dm, Rossmann, Müller, BUDNI, Tegut, and other retailers. The entire range of cosmetics and even more beautiful things without Gedøns are available in the online shop and the Cologne flagship store.


The smygge product team wanted to keep the data collection on as lean as possible. They made their experiences with several tracking plugins and manual implementations but struggled with duplicates and incorrect tag configurations. They realized they will save tons of time and nerves in the long run by choosing an event tracking solution that is quick to implement, works with all their tools and is easy to maintain.

We need an event tracking solution that is easy to maintain, works with our shop system and analytics stack and eliminates tech bottlenecks.

Marcel Manthey, Product Owner E-Commerce


smygge was looking for a solution that unifies and simplifies measurement while having limited tech resources for tracking topics. As a product manager with front-end coding experience, Marcel wanted to be able to implement as many events as possible himself. Now smygge stores all their common behavioral data from product views, add to carts and transactions as well as business-specific events like interactions with their product recommendations in their data warehouse. They are also sending their events to GA4 and GTM for further reporting possibilities.

Once you understand the event schema you become so much faster with elbwalker. We are very happy with the new workflow we have established for onsite tracking. I can implement all the events independently which is what I wanted.


Adopting elbwalker has helped smygge to speed up onsite tracking massively. The whole implementation process only took Marcel a few hours instead of weeks. By building up their source of truth to store and process their owned behavioral data, smygge feels confident to achieve their growth goals in the future.

I love the great learning curve you have when you start measuring through the walker. You'll only need a short time to dive in and it's so much easier and faster than getting developers to push all sorts of information to the dataLayer. I am already looking forward to extending our tracking further and gathering even more insights about how users interact with our sites.