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Open-source analytics library to capture front-end events

Walker.js is an open-source data capture solution to measure user behavior faster and easier by only using HTML attributes.

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Benefits of the walker.js

We want your tracking implementations to be successful. That's why we collected numerous best practices and put them into a product.

Fully attribute-based

The walker translates your HTML attributes into dataLayer events to make your life much easier.

Pre-built triggers

The walker comes with a bunch of integrated triggers that will fire your event at the right moment.

Entity action framework

Events consist of an entity & an action. The concept forces you to capture events clean and consistent. Read more

Global context of an event

You can flexibly add global properties like logged-in status or language settings to every event with the walker.

Active community

We're here to help you. Contribute on GitHub and feel free to contact us any time at

Implement one line of code to get started.

<script async class="elbwalker" src="" />

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