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Measure events without ever leaving your HTML

The walker is an open-source data capture solution to measure user behavior easier and more granularly.

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The problem

It's too complicated to capture reliable behavioral data

After waiting weeks for data and doing lots of tracking implementations ourselves we decided that event tracking desperately needs simplification.

It takes too long

Because event tracking is a fully manual process, product and marketing teams have to sometimes wait weeks for data.

It is tough to do it privacy-friendly

To capture data depending on the consent choices of the user is important and mandatory but highly error-prone.

It is complex to customize

If you do not want to track the most basic ecommerce site it is likely, you are getting lost in custom dimension & metrics concepts.

Get started in under one minute

Implement one line of code.

<script async class="elbwalker" src="https:/" />

Set elb-attributes

Describe your events using nearly natural language. Define scopes, entities, actions, and triggers completely flexible. Customize your event tracking based on your business logic, not an analytics provider.

<body elbglobals="language:en"> ... <div elb="product" elbaction="load:detail"> <p elb-product="name:Everyday Ruck Snack">Everyday Ruck Snack</p> <div elb-product="price:220">€ 220</div> <button elbaction="click:add">Add to cart</button> </div> ... </body>

Get your fully enriched event

Once collected, customize your payload according to your needs. Make privacy configurations and send the data where you need it.

dataLayer.push({ event: 'product add', // combination of entity and action data: { // all set properties with the elb-product attribute name: 'Everyday Ruck Snack', price: 220, }, globals: { // all set properties with the elbglobals attribute language: 'en', }, user: { // anonymous user ids (id, device, hash) device: 'cookieid', }, nested: [], // all nested entities within the product id: '1647968113641-b4b9h9-5', // timestamp, group & count of the event trigger: 'click', // name of the trigger that fired entity: 'product', // entity name action: 'add', // entity action timestamp: 1647968113641, // time when the event fired timing: 13.37, // how long it took from the page load to trigger the event group: 'b4b9h9', // random group id for all events on a page count: 2, // incremental counter of the events on a page walker: true, // just a flag to filter the events });

More features of the walker

We want your tracking implementations to be successful. That's why we collected numerous best practices and put them into a product.

Fully attribute-based

The walker translates your HTML attributes into dataLayer events to make your life much easier.

Pre-built triggers

The walker comes with a bunch of integrated triggers that will fire your event at the right moment.

Entity action framework

Events consist of an entity & an action. The concept forces you to capture events clean and consistent. Read more

Global context of an event

You can flexibly add global properties like logged-in status or language settings to every event with the walker.

Active community

We're here to help you. Contribute on GitHub and feel free to contact us any time at

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