Open-source analytics library to capture front-end events

Walker.js is an open-source data capture solution to measure user behavior faster and easier by only using HTML attributes.

Features of the walker.js

Walker.js is a descriptive approach to creating a single, vendor-agnostic event collection layer.

HTML attributes only

Stop decoupling your data collection from what the user truly sees and does with data-attributes.

Pre-built triggers

The walker comes with a bunch of integrated triggers that will fire your events at the right moment.

Entity action model

Events consist of entities & actions. The concept forces you to capture events clean and consistent across tools.

Global context of an event

Easily add global properties like logged-in status or language settings to give events the important context.

Implement one line of code to get started.

<script async class="elbwalker" src="" />

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Ready to dive in?Speed up your event tracking implementation with walker.js.

Company name

Simplifying Data Collection.

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