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You can add the following services and features to your plan at any time.

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Measurement Plan

Define what should be measured and why
In a workshop we define & document what should be measured when, how and why in order to get the team aligned to the objectives and goals. You will benefit from our experience and best practice methods.

Custom Dashboards

Dashboards tailored to your needs
We help you visualize the elbwalker data according to your needs, so that you can focus on analysis and taking actions.

Custom Destinations

Event data right where and how you need it
We don't integrate with your tools yet? No problem! We help you to get the event data where you need it, if it's a marketing tool or your data warehouse.


Be sure that everything is going well
Proactively identify tracking issues and event anomalies with our monitoring & alerting add-on.

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Event volume

Up to 10.000 events/months


Low-Code Tagging

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Anonymous & cookie-less by default


Basic dashboard

Custom dashboard

Paid Add-On

Paid Add-On

Raw data access

Event monitoring

Paid Add-On

Paid Add-On


Frontend (e.g. Google Analytics, matomo, Facebook Pixel)


elbwalker Data Lake

elbwalker Data Lake + more




Personal support


Help Center & E-Mail

Personal contact

Frequently asked questions

What is an event?

An event describes any action that a visitor can possibly perform on a website. These actions can be direct actions such as page views and clicks, but also indirect actions such as seeing a certain element on the website. You can find more relevant term definitions in our data glossary.

How do I estimate my monthly event volume?

You can use the 30 day free trial to see how many events you will collect and send. If need support please contact us at

Are there event limitations?

No! Our data model is completely flexible and prepared for large amounts of data. In contrast to common analytics systems, there is no limit to the number of events per session, for example.

What happens after the free trial?

Before your free trial expires, we will get in touch with you personally by email and invite you to switch to a paid plan. You decide whether you want to continue using elbwalker or not. The event volume is not limited during the test period.

Do I no longer need a cookie banner on my website when using elbwalker?

In general the implementation of all tools should be checked by your respective data protection officer. We as elbwalker can only be as transparent about our data collection as possible. By default and with no further configurations elbwalker is collecting your behavioral data anonymous and without using cookies. If no other tools are requiring the user's consent (such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc.) are integrated on the website, but only elbwalker for anonymous and cookie-free analysis, no cookie banner or consent should be necessary. elbwalker does not store any information for recognition on the respective end device of the user nor does it store any personal or personally identifiable data by default. Check out how we measure visits anonymously

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