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  • Everyday Ruck Snack

    Product information



    4 out of 5 stars

    1624 reviews

    Don't compromise on snack-carrying capacity with this lightweight and spacious bag. The drawstring top keeps all your favorite chips, crisps, fries, biscuits, crackers, and cookies secure.

    In stock and ready to ship

    Model wearing light green backpack with black canvas straps and front zipper pouch.
    Lifetime Guarantee
      event: 'product view', // combination of entity and action
      data: {
        // all set properties with the data-elb-product attribute
        id: "rcksnck"
        category: "Travel/Bags"
        name: "Everyday Ruck Snack"
        price: "220"
        currency: "EUR"
        availability: "in_stock"
        rating: "4"
        reviews: "1624"
      user: {
        // a stored random id in the cookie (manually added once)
        device: 'cookieid',
      nested: [], // all nested entities within the product
      id: '1647968113641-b4b9h9-5', // timestamp, group & count of the event
      trigger: 'load', // name of the trigger that fired
      entity: 'product', // entity name
      action: 'view', // entity action
      timestamp: 1647968113641, // time when the event fired
      timing: 13.37, // how long it took from the page load to trigger the event
      group: '01b5e2', // random group id for all events on a page
      count: 2, // incremental counter of the events on a page
      version: {
        // Helpful when working with raw data
        walker: 1.1, // used walker.js version
        config: 42, // a custom configuration version number
      walker: true, // flag to filter events

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