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    The flag is cool.

    I dont know.

      event: 'question view', // combination of entity and action
      data: {}, // all set properties with the data-elb-product attribute
      user: {
        // a stored random id in the cookie (manually added once)
        device: 'cookieid',
      nested: [], // all nested entities within the product
      id: '1647968113641-b4b9h9-5', // timestamp, group & count of the event
      trigger: 'load', // name of the trigger that fired
      entity: 'question', // entity name
      action: 'view', // entity action
      timestamp: 1647968113641, // time when the event fired
      timing: 13.37, // how long it took from the page load to trigger the event
      group: '01b5e2', // random group id for all events on a page
      count: 2, // incremental counter of the events on a page
      version: {
        // Helpful when working with raw data
        walker: 1.1, // used walker.js version
        config: 42, // a custom configuration version number
      walker: true, // flag to filter events

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