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Hooks can be used to customize the default behavior of the walker.js. There are three hooks available, Push, DestinationInit and DestinationPush. Hooks allows to eventually validate, manipulate or even cancel the default behavior.


To learn more about hooks, visit the Utils/Hooks section.

The overall function execution order is as follows:

  1. prePush
  2. preDestinationInit
  3. postDestinationInit
  4. preDestinationPush
  5. postDestinationPush
  6. postPush

Adding a hook

To add a hook either call the hook command or use the hooks option:

const walkerjs = Walkerjs({
hooks: {
// Add hooks on init
prePush: (params, ...args) => {
window.elbTimer =;
return params.fn(...args);

// Add hooks via command
walker.push('walker hook', 'postPush', function (params, ...args) {
console.log('walker exec time', - window.elbTimer);

walker.push('entity action');

// Output:
// walker exec time 1