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About us


elbwalker team

Our mission

Creating a new standard to measure user behavior on the web.

We change the way companies collect data. Making truly data-driven decisions has been a privilege of only large enterprises for too long. We believe that with a combination of creative and pragmatic problem solving, we can reduce the complexity of data collection and make it accessible also to organizations with limited tech resources. We are committed to empower companies of all sizes and industries to make decisions based on their most valuable resource: their customers. We're not just building a new software, we want to establish a new web standard with elbwalker.

We are into data, analytics engineering and low-code technologies. Are you too? Then check out our current jobs and write us at We're happy if we can inspire you to be part of our journey. Perhaps the further information will help you with your decision.

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The People

  • Alexander Kirtzel

    Alexander Kirtzel

    Co-Founder Tech

  • Ayla Prinz

    Ayla Prinz

    Co-Founder Product

  • Nicolas Wenzel

    Nicolas Wenzel


  • Finn Schlachter

    Finn Schlachter

    Freelance Developer

  • Catja Bartels

    Catja Bartels

    Freelance Data Scientist

  • Finn Christiansen

    Finn Christiansen

    Freelance DevOps

  • Kevin Kraus

    Kevin Kraus

    Freelance Developer

  • Karo Junker De Neui

    Karo Junker De Neui

    Investor & Advisor

  • Lennard Stoever

    Lennard Stoever

    Investor & Advisor

How we work

Our values

We focus on simplicity

Pareto principle: Not everything has to be perfect. We prefer to reach our goals step by step and optimize iteratively. That is why we sometimes knock over initial ideas. The 80/20 rule guides us. For us, effectiveness comes before efficiency.

Transparency & Speed: We want to focus on the essentials in our work. That is why we make decisions quickly and transparently. We mainly use data for this purpose. Because we love the added value of data and data-driven decisions - not only for our customers.

We take initiative

Proactivity: For us, participation and freedom apply at all levels. We structure our tasks ourselves and do not wait for work packages. We believe: those who work independently are more commited to their goals.

Participation: We believe that our culture is continually changing. Every team member helps to shape our culture. At elbwalker, we share the values presented here, but we also bring our own experiences and point of views. That is why we speak of culture add-on rather than culture fit when it comes to new team members.

We act like owners

Customer focus: Our customers and their feedback are the most important drivers of our work. We are passionate about solving their problems. Those who work with us make our customers happiness a priority.

Entrepreneurial spirit: The role and energy of each individual is important for the success of elbwalker. We know our strength, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges and those of our industry and we use our spirit to tackle or further develop them.

We adapt to change

Pivoting: We keep a close eye on our industry and know that our market is changing quickly. That is why we keep the flexibility for constant changes. elbwalker will continue to grow and in a year no longer be the company it is now. And we think that is awesome.

Traveling: Working in a startup is like going on a somewhat uncertain but adventurous journey. We keep adapting to new situations and people. To this journey we all bring perseverance, courcage and a good sense of humor. We laugh a lot ... seriously a lot.

We strive for growth

Feedback: We aim to continuously improve our product, company, team and ourselves as individuals. We value constant reflection as well as giving and receiving feedback. This is how we can live an honest and open exchange at elbwalker.

Learning: We know what we are good at and what we are not yet. We want to learn new things all the time. We can only get better by trying things out and make mistakes. Our company is complemented by our different strenghts and we can all learn from each other. We trust and rely on the competence and supportiveness of the other.

Where we work

Our offices

elbwalker office

Our shared space: office on the floor of happiness between St. Pauli and Sternschanze

  • Office: Macbooks, height-adjustable tables, seating balls, plants and disco hats
  • Workspace: Meeting rooms for work and puzzle sessions, exchange with other startups and freelancers, coffee/tea and water
  • In the area: many “Kisis” (kiosks), the “Rindi” (supermarket), lots of restaurants and bars and parks

Your personal space: Home and remote office

  • Since March 2020 we have been working mainly from our home offices
  • If it is our homes or a holiday home - anything is possible - we can work everywhere
  • We will always be remote-friendly, but we also enjoy real-world meetings with all elbwalkers in the office very much
Company name

Simplifying Data Collection. Enabling Growth.

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