Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking

Easily enable missing reports in Google Analytics with elbWalker:

That's how it works

In 3 easy steps to event tracking with Google Analytics:

Google Analytics

The most widely used and free web tracking tool provides the foundation and visualizes the additional data.


One-time editing of the website without programming using an easy step-by-step guide.


With the aid of the innovative elbWalker algorithm, the new key metrics can be viewed in Google Analytics.

Without Data you’re just another person with an opinion

- W. Edwards Deming

Frequently asked questions

Which products are most often added to the shopping cart, but were not bought then?

What contribution do internal campaigns and teasers make to the buying process and what is the onsite click-through rate?

At which checkout step do most customers cancel the purchase?

Which options are most often selected in the checkout Process?

Which positions in a product list achieve the highest click rate?

Which banner within a campaign is the most successful?

Which products and product lists on the website are most successful?

How can I make individual events (eg video playback time) </ i> measurable on the website?

How far do customers scroll down?

Which search terms enter customers in the internal search?


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